Ethical Values

Dr Kalan Ethical Values and Working Principles As Dr.Kalan, “Code of Ethics and Working Principles acak, which will be taken as basis in our internal operation, relations with company personnel, relations and distributors, has been prepared by our Ethics Commission and our website and corporate booklet are also indicated to guide you. The purpose of the Code of Ethics and Business Principles; to identify the ethical principles and standards that all distributors and employees must comply with in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. We are fully confident that we will represent our company in the most accurate way, manage our business processes and the way we do business, strengthen our relationship with our customers and distributors, and ultimately add value to our company, taking care to comply with these principles and rules together. As the Dr.Kalan Family, we thank you in advance for your utmost attention to “Ethical Values and Working Principles en while doing your job and wish you success in your work. Our Ethical Values; Ethical rules of conduct; It aims to ensure that customers, distributors, freelancers and business partnerships are sustainable, that the company's good reputation is maintained and that the interests of its business partners are met and protected. Code of conduct to be applied in the process of involving distributors or new free sales representatives in the partnership project; Objective: To ensure the implementation of honesty and transparency which are the basic elements of a successful sponsorship. During the sponsorship, product training, income and career opportunities will be explained clearly. Examples of the income of people involved in the partnership should reflect the truth. Dr.Kalan does not guarantee any earnings. The earnings of the person are directly proportional to the sales graph of the person and the sales team formed. Information about the products can only be provided if the company matches the information on the official website. Dr.Kalan distributors and sales representatives will refrain from making negative and humiliating statements about other MLM companies and other MLM products. 2. Code of ethics towards the customer Purpose : Dr.Kalan distributors and free sales representatives will provide the best service to the customer. In the context of the best service approach, the following explanations should be emphasized. Dr.Kalan distributors and free sales representatives will only use open and honest sales methods. Accurate and complete information about the products must be passed on to the customer. The information includes detailed technical specifications of products, package contents, shipping and delivery, price and payment information, product return and withdrawal notification requirements. This information must correspond exactly with the information provided by the company. Dr.Kalan distributors and freelancers will respect customer privacy. Only if the customer expressly consents, will the product be promoted. Maintaining customer-specific information is a top priority. Dr.Kalan distributors and free sales representatives will demonstrate their differences with the principle of honesty. They will not abuse customers' inexperience, disability, disease, age or inadequate language skills. Orders placed by customers will be processed on time. Unless a different date is given by the customer, the products to be delivered electronically must be delivered within 3 (three) business days. The products to be sent by cargo must be delivered to the cargo within 3 (three) business days. Any technical problems related to the delivery should be immediately informed to the customer. The product costs of the orders placed must be paid / paid by the customer to the official bank accounts of the company. It is forbidden to collect the product price of the reference sales from the customer and it is a crime. We kindly ask you to pay the product price via bank and know that we cannot take responsibility for the payments made by hand. We are committed to delivering your product to you within 3 (three) business days at the latest after the payment of the Product cost to our bank accounts and / or the sending of the remittance notification form. It is an indispensable rule of our company to provide the sales team with reference to the support requested by the customer to become a conscious and educated product user after the product price has been collected. When the customer receiving the new product receives the confirmation that he / she receives the product completely, that the design and usage training he / she needs to complete is completed and that he / she does not have any complaints, the commission that the reference deserves is paid by our company. A person involved in the Dr.Kalan business partnership project; Please let us know (0850 346 90 00 or and act with the knowledge that a person is committing a crime if he tells you that you can earn money from work, that he will work for you, or even create a sales team for you. Code of conduct of Dr.Kalan customers, distributors and freelancers against other partners Objective : To ensure that all business partners work with mutual respect and ensure healthy and equal competition. It is strictly forbidden to attract other business partners from Dr.Kalan to its side. The following activities will be evaluated in this context. - Promote business partners to prohibited forms of work by offering promises such as better support, greater earnings and career opportunities. - Establishing virtual, fictional and fake partnerships and persuading other business partners to break their agreement with sales teams. - Making negative, frustrating and humiliating rumors about other business partners . Code of conduct of Dr.Kalan partners against other MLM companies Objective: All MLM companies in the Network Marketing sector will be respected. It is unethical and unacceptable for Dr.Kalan to try to attract unfair sales partners from other MLM companies. In particular, these unethical rules are: - Aggravation of all structures by disparaging the company by contacting many business partners . (Earning opportunities, product features, product prices, etc.) - Encouraging breaking the agreement of the people working in other MLM companies - pay for if you go through your own company or offer must be made in his career Dr.Kalan partners' code of conduct towards the entire company Purpose: Dr.Kalan distributors and free sales representatives will demonstrate their commitment and respect to the entire company. Dr.Kalan business partners will demonstrate their differences with the ethical, honest and fair working methods they adopt. Abuse of sales and commission plans is unethical and leads to damage to business activities. Distortion of competition through systematic high sales or low pricing, fraud in business partnership, etc. Creating product prices in such ways will also be considered unethical behaviors. Dr.Kalan business partners will remain loyal to their companies and will always demonstrate their loyalty as required. On the other hand, the Company will make every effort to prevent damage to the company and to protect its reputation. The principles for the commercial activities of Dr.Kalan distributors and free sales representatives shall constitute the general terms and conditions of Via Veta Health, Cosmetics, Technology and Network Marketing Inc. Veta Impressions and behaviors of Veta distributors and free sales representatives in the society Objective: It is aimed to maintain and maintain the good reputation of Dr.Kalan and its partners in society. Dr.Kalan Business Partners are not employees acting on behalf of Via Veta. Therefore, they will not leave an impression as a company employee. Media, television, radio links and newspaper, magazine interviews are company-specific. In special cases, the company must be subject to approval. Requests from the media will be answered directly by the Public Relations department of Dr.Kalan. Communication via social media (such as whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is free of risk. All statements to the Company, Business partners or other companies will be subject to the principle of honesty and loyalty. Collaborate with Dr.Kalan when necessary. Dr.Kalan Business partners should refrain from exhibiting contemptuous, condescending behavior to other occupational group employees (such as teachers, civil servants, workers, etc.). These codes of conduct are binding for all Dr.Kalan business partners and must be observed! Last Updated on: 07.09.2018