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Dr. Kalan started its research on healthy living and nutritions on 1989. Years of research resulted Hundreds of articles and more than fifty books. Dr. Kalan started to produce natural and healthy products on 2010. So far, more than 50 Product has been produced by Dr. Kalan Company. in 2020, Dr. Kalan started to distribute its products by using well known distribution method by the name of Direct selling, Network Marketing or MLM, to Protect its Consumer Rights.

Our Products are not medicines and are not used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Our products are produced from plants and natural ingredients found in nature and support the body like healthy foods.


Why Dr.Kalan

Dr. Kalan’s natural products are produced based on thousands of years of knowledge of natural science scientists, such as Hippocrates, Abu Ali Sina, Zakariya Al Razi, and others. Dr. Kalan’s natural products are the result of combining the experiences of the past with modern knowledge and technology. Dr. Kalan’s natural products are hope for a healthy nourishment and a cheerful life, whereas in daily living, unhealthy foods and canned foods with harmful chemicals are surrounded us.

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We build business with ideas. Integration is the key. As a progressive, forward thinking company, we create seamless, consistent, Alternative lifestyle F&B products with high quality health conscious ingredients.

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